PMF Workflow Form Definition Language

PMF Workflow form defines what information are inputted, stored and processed during the whole workflow process.  It is defined with JSDraw.Form of JSDraw javascript framework. Here is one simple example:

companyname:{label:"Compound Name", type:"input", width:800},
structure:{label:"Structure", type:"jsdraw", width:800, height: 400},
category:{label:"Category", type:"select", items:["","API","Building Block"]}

Here is a list of supported field types:

  1. basic types: hidden, number, text, radio, date, color
  2. list types: select, dropdowninput, editableselect, dropdowncheck, multiselect
  3. table and text: table, tabtext, richtext, html, plaintext
  4. chemistry and biology: jsdraw,,, jsdraw.table, sketches
  5. file: file, image