RegMol is a web-based registration database and assay data repository for biologics, small molecules and conjugates. It has three modules: registration, assay database and data mining analytics.  This comprehensive and easy-to-deploy platform empowers centralized data management and collaborations for life sciences R&D.

A Single Database for Biologics, Small Molecules, and Conjugates

  • - Biologics: peptides, cyclic peptides, oligonucleotides, gene, RNA, proteins, antibodies
  • - Small molecules and polymers: stereochemistry, salt, mixture
  • - Conjugates of small molecules and biologics: e.g., antibody-drug conjugates
  • - Formulation, cell line, tissue, etc.
  • - Intelligent network of relationships between registration records
  • - Assay protocol management and assay data repository
  • - Powerful data mining analytics