JSDraw.Table - The Most Innovative Web-based Table/Grid Control for Chemistry

Featured Highlights

  1. Built on 100% Javascript
  2. Works on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android tablets/phones, Chromebook etc.
  3. Chemistry spreadsheet (demo)
  4. Built-in substructure search engine
  5. Column formula to calculate values from other columns
  6. Pre-define chemistry column types such as moles, mass, volume, density, purity, mf, mw, smiles etc.
  7. Sortable columns
  8. Chartting
  9. Filtering (demo)
  10. Read/write SDF, CSV, Excel, XML, JSON files

What can you do with JsSDF?

  1. Build web-based chemistry applications
  2. Publish compound library with one line code (demo)
  3. Input compound list
  4. Chemistry spreadsheet