JSDraw Form

A javascript framework to build chemistry and biology web applications

JSDraw Form, built on JSDraw and JSDraw.Table, is a javascript framework to build chemistry and biology web applications.  JSDraw Form includes following main modules:

  1. JSDraw Editor: chemical/biological structure editor
  2. JSDraw.Table: chemistry spreadsheet in Javascript
  3. JSDraw.SequenceEditor: biological sequence editor
  4. JSDraw.Formulation: formulation/micture table
  5. Form: Javascript form control
  6. Table: Javascript table control
  7. AutoComplete: auto-complete control
  8. DatePicker control
  9. Dropdown control
  10. Multi-select control
  11. EditableSelect control
  12. File control
  13. Image control

Form field types supported in JSDraw Form:

  1. Basic Types: hidden, number, text, radio, date
  2. List types: select, dropdowninput, editableselect, dropdowncheck, multiselect    table and richtext: table, richtext
  3. Chemistry and Biology: jsdraw, jdraw.fm, jsdraw.se, jsdraw.table
  4. Others: file, image

JSDraw Form supports IE 7, 8, 9 and later versions, Chrome, Fireforx and Safari on all platforms, including iOS and Android.

JSDraw Form is part of JSDraw package, which can be downloaded here. Besides JSDraw license, it doesn't need any separated license to run JSDraw Form.