Scilligence ELN is a cross-platform Electronic Laboratory Notebook for research and education.  It has been widely adopted across industry and academic institutions.  What’s unique about Scilligence ELN is its powerful data mining technology and advanced informatics for biologics and conjugates such as ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates).  Scilligence ELN supports all disciplines of research including medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, bioassays, HTS, in vivo pharmacology and toxicology.


ELN for Chemistry and Biology

- Cross-platform, zero-footprint on the Client

- Touch optimized for mobile devices

- Industry-leading informatics for biologics (ADC, gene, protein, peptide, oligonucleotide...)

- Easy-to-deploy platform for managing external collaborations

- Easy-to-use collaboration platform for distributed workforce

- Powerful chemical structure, biosequecne and text search

- Easily Scalable and Customizable

- Seamless Work-flow Integration with other database systems