Federated Structure & Reaction Search of Unstructured Data

Chrawler is a word that comes from partial combination of Chemistry and Crawler - It is an innovative cheminformatics tool for federated search of chemical structures and reactions across various data sources in an enterprise environment.

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Chrawler's powerful  search options include:

  1. Substructure, Full structure, Exact Full Structure, Similarity Search for chemcial structures and reactions
  2. Sequence Search for biologics
  3. Combined Structure/Sequence and Text search

Chrawler's fast structure search is driven by our propriatary MolEngine.

Chrawler is a enterprise search solution for a variety of data sources, including:

- Microsoft Sharepoint

- Network drives

- Documentum

- Electronic Lab Notebook

- Compound databases

- Outlook email servers

Chrawler supports following file formats:
  1. Word DOC and DOCX
  2. Excel XLS and XLSX
  3. PowerPoint PPT and PPTX
  4. Outlook Emails
  6. SMILES, InChI
  7. ChemDraw CDX and CDXML
  8. ChemDraw for Excel
  9. ChemFinder CFX
  10. ISIS/Symyx Draw SKC
  11. Marvin MRV
  12. JChem for Excel
  13. JSDraw JSDRAW and JSSDF
  14. TouchMol
  15. TouchMol for Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  16. ZIP, GZ, TAR compressed files
  17. Oracle, SQL Server, MySql databases
  18. EMC Documentum Repositories
  19. ELN Repositories
  20. Corporation Compound IDs (Chrawler 2.0)
  21. IUPAC Names, Trade Names and other Synonyms (Chrawler 2.0)
  22. SMILES Strings
  23. InChI Strings
  24. CAS No
  25. PDF
  26. Image


Chrawler's flexible result viewing options include:

- Group by documents or by structures
- Preview document pages
- Explore & export all chemical structures in a document

Chrawler is friendly to developers with Full-SDK

  1. SOAP APIs
  2. IDocReader
  3. IPreviewer
  4. ... more
Chrawler Editions:
  1. Chrawler Server Edition - An enterprise solution of One-Stop-Search for chemical structures and reactions. Authorized users can easily find chemical structures/reactions/biosequences and their associated files/locations via a web interface.
  2. Chem4SharePoint Chem4SharePoint includes Chrawler Server Edition as its search engine.  All SharePoint contents and enterprise data sources outside of SharePoint (e.g., network drives, ELN and compound databases) are searchable directly in Microsoft SharePoint.

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