ChrawlerTM: One-Stop-Search for Chemical Structures

1. What does "Chrawler" mean, and how to pronounce it?

Chrawler is a combination of Chemistry & Crawler, and can be pronounced as Crawler.

2. How does Chrawler work?

Chrawler works much like Google search. Instead of crawling for text, Chrawler crawls for chemical structures. It is a two-step process: crawling and then searching. In the first step, Chrawler crawls contents for chemical structures and caches them in a database behind the scene. In the second step, fast structure searching is done by looking up the cached database.

3. Where does Chrawler work?

Chrawler has two editions: Chrawler Personal Edition (PE) and Chrawler Server Edition (SE). Chrawler PE works on personal PC and Chrawler SE works in enterprise environment.

3. Is Chrawler PE secure?

Chrawler PE is secure. First, all chemical structures found are stored locally on your computer. Second, you can encrypt the structure database by setting a secure password. The encrypting uses Rijndael, which is industry standard.

4. I don't have Local Administrator priviledge. Can I install Chrawler PE?

Chrawler PE is deployed using Microsoft ClickOnce technology, which doesn't need Local Administrator prividge. So, users should be able to install it themselves.

5. Can I try Chrawler PE?

Yes. You can have a free trial of Chrawler PE for  15 days.

6. What data types can Chrawler search?

Chrawler can search all versions of office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), chemical files (ChemDraw, ChemFinder, ISIS/Symyx/Accelrys Draw, Marvin, Molfile, SDF file, CML, JSDraw, Mol2), Outlook emails and compressed files.

7. Can Chrawler search chemical structures in PDF files?

Yes. It uses OSR technology to do that.

8. Can Chrawler search network drives?

Chrawler PE (Personal Edition) cannot search network drivers.  Chrawler SE (Server Edition) can do it.

9. What search types do Chrawler support?

Chrawler can do substructure, full-structure and similarity search.

10. Does Chrawler support Reaction search?

Chrawler SE can do it.

11. What is Chrawler SE?

Chrawler SE is Chrawler Server Edition, which is mainly for enterprise.  Company can set up a Chrawler Server to crawl network drivers, SharePoint databases, and Oracle, SQL Server, MySql databases, and make them searchable to all authorized users by accessing the searching Web Server.

12. Why cannot I find chemical structure in my emails?

Chrawler currently only support Outlook emails.  When Chrawler crawling files, Outlook has to be closed, because Outlook locks the email database. Chrawler cannot read it.

13. Why cannot my Chrawler SN (Serial Number) be activated on second computer?

One Chrawler SN seat can activate one computer. In order to activate multiple computer, you can purchase multiple seats for one SN.