Compound Database Service

Enable structure search of your catalog on your company website

Compound Database Service (CDS) offers structure search capability on your company website in conjunction with easy-to-use shopping cart solution. It provides your customers with a quick and easy way to find products in your catalog from any device (PC, Mac, ipad/iphone, Android tablet/phone, etc.).  CDS data management console allows you to edit your catalog and manage customer orders and inquires online.

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Key Features

  1. CDS management web site to import your compounds to hosted database.
  2. Add, edit or delete products and packages.
  3. Integrate structure search box to your website..
  4. Receive notification of new orders or inquiries via email.
  5. CDS website to manage and process your orders.


  • • Advanced structure and chemical identifier search on your website.
  • • Integrated shopping cart and product inquiry.
  • • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android tablets/phones, Chromebook.
  • • Cheminformatics package to draw, edit and manage chemical structures.
    • - Convert name (IUPAC name, CAS #, Trade name, SMILES, InChI) into structures
    • - Import/export ChemDraw, ISIS/Draw and Marvin files
    • - Batch import SDF files

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