CDS Process

  1. Evaluation:
    1. You send us all compounds/products in a sd file.
    2. Our support team creates an account in CDS database and upload the sdf.
    3. We generate a detachable web page for structure search, and test it.
    4. We send you the search web page, which you can customize it to make it look like other pages on your website.
    5. You test the search on your web site and make sure everything works.
  2. Roll-out:
    1. You sign the purchase contract.
    2. You upload the search page to your website, and roll it in production.
  3. Post-production maintenance:
    1. Our tech team monitors your database, and make sure everything works properly.
    2. Our tech team periodically upgrades the search functions and features.
    3. When you need add/remove/update some compounds/products, you send us a sd file.  We will upload them.